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ALCI is a family farming company with a long tradition in Chilean agriculture, today focused on producing and marketing fresh fruit that is recognized for its excellent quality and reliability. Over the years, it has been integrated from the cultivation of the orchards, the packing process, cold chain, direct sales in export markets and being a regular supplier of retail in the national market with an efficient logistics system and sale of our products.


ALCI in all its areas is certified and fully complies with the requirements of the different markets regarding food safety and product traceability. The different fields are certified for the Global Gap Standard and FSMA, their products qualify for the System Approach requirement for the North American market.


The packing and refrigeration facilities comply with the BPM certifications, both BRC and Primus GFS and Walmart, among the most outstanding.

The production, packaging and marketing of our products aim to meet the highest quality and safety standards, placing us at the forefront of these matters.


The main focus is to assure our clients and partners in the markets, a product of excellent quality, traceability and reliability, which allows us to have long-term business relationships.

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