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Our Countrysides

The ALCI farms are located in the central valley of Chile, in the heart of Chile's citrus zone.

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We are very proud of our fields and our collaborators and we are in a permanent process of innovation in sustainable production methods.

Fundo Ibacache, María Pinto


Naranja Navel  88 has. 

Naranja Valencia  29 has. 

Nogales  27 has Maíz  80 has. 

Alfalfa  69 has.

Fundo Ibacache, María Pinto

Fundo Santa Victoria, Mallarauco, Melipilla


Naranjos Navel 78 has.

Naranjos Valencia 12 has.

Limon 74 has.

Paltos 33  has.

Maiz 76 has.

Fundo Santa Victoria, Mallarauco

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